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Labor Union Representation

Traditional Labor Law

  • Litigation in state and federal courts, before the NLRB and other government agencies, as well as video and in-person arbitrations

  • Representation elections, virtual and/or electronic negotiations, drafting contract language, handling Unfair Labor Practice charges, and advising unions concerning picket lines, boycotts, and strikes

  • Union governance, including officer elections, internal disciplinary proceedings, reporting requirements, and recordkeeping under the LMRDA

California Public Sector Labor Law

  • All facets of practice before the Public Employment Relations Board, including but not limited to unfair practice charges, recognition petitions, elections, unit modifications, informal conferences, and hearings

  • The Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA), Meyers-Milias- Brown Act (MMBA), Dills Act, Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA), Transit Employer-Employee Relations Act (TEERA), and more

  • Disciplinary meetings and hearings, California Public Records Act requests, government claims, and expertise in the processes related to the University of California and its employees

  • Representing individual union members in various statutory administrative due process proceedings

Litigation and Appellate Practice

  • Litigation and appeals in labor law, employment law, employment discrimination law, sexual harassment, land-use law, qui tam claims (False Claims Act), workplace health and safety law, California Public Records Act, California public sector labor law, election law, ERISA and other employment benefit laws

  • Pre-trial litigation, demand letters, discovery requests, discovery responses, depositions, mediation, arbitration, settlement, trial practice, and appeals

  • Handling claims in Bankruptcy Court

Internal Union Affairs

  • Officer elections and compliance with the LMRDA

  • Compliance with local, state and federal employment and health & safety laws and regulations

  • Drafting EEO and anti-harassment policies, conducting workplace investigations

  • Real estate leases

  • Trainings for union officers and stewards, including grievance investigation and processing, arbitrations, Safety and Health laws and regulations, and employment discrimination and harassment

Labor Union Organizing

  • Recognition Process Agreements, including labor peace and card check, and comprehensive campaign strategies

  • Review of campaign materials such as leaflets, trainings, social media posts; know-your-rights trainings and materials

  • Unfair labor practice charges, advice related to strikes, picket lines, and boycotts

Legislative Affairs & Compliance

  • Advice concerning pending or future local, state, or federal legislation

  • Drafting of proposed legislation and ordinances to advance worker's rights

  • Compliance with local, state and federal lobbying and election laws

Workplace Health & Safety

  • All aspects of defending workers' health and safety under Federal and California Occupational Health and Safety laws, including filing complaints, litigation, and assisting in obtaining stronger protections

  • Assistance with investigations, including evidence gathering, worker surveys, information requests, etc.

  • Communication and follow-up with government officials handling the OSHA complaint

State & Federal EEO Claims

  • Filing claims with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, and federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and related litigation

  • Demand letters and assistance with the states investigation process

Land Use

  • California Environmental Quality Act, California Coastal Act, local land use agency planning and monitoring, pretrial and trial litigation

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