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Michael R. Feinberg





mrf [at] ssdslaw [dot] com


Areas of Practice

Mr. Feinberg’s professional life has been dedicated to defending and extending the rights of working people and the labor organizations that represent them.  In more than 40 years of practice, Mr. Feinberg has broad experience in representing public and private sector labor unions and employees (public and private sector), both as plaintiffs and as defendants, in federal and state trial courts, and has handled numerous federal and state court appeals, as well as numerous arbitrations and administrative hearings.  He has fought against union busters and for the right of workers to organize.  On behalf of his Union clients, Mr. Feinberg has opposed the encroachment of subcontracting on the hard-won job security of employees in unionized shops.  He has worked to enforce anti-discrimination laws and to bring dignity and fairness to the workplace

Professional History

For many years, Mr. Feinberg devoted a major portion of his practice to protecting teachers’ rights under the California Education Code so that they can provide the kind of first-rate education our children deserve. He has represented these teachers in a variety of matters relating to discipline, performance, layoff, salary, discrimination, accommodation, privacy, and other contractual or statutory rights. More recently, a key focus of Mr. Feinberg’s practice has been the representation of film and television industry Guilds and their members, including directors, film editors and animators, in litigation, arbitration and at the bargaining table.

Mr. Feinberg has extensively litigated actions in such areas as education law, wage and hour liability, the duty of fair representation, breach of contract, defamation, and employee rights under both the National Labor Relations Act and the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, as well as State labor laws. Other victories include successfully compelling payment of pension contributions to teachers' retirement system on behalf of hundreds of thousands of teachers,representing public and private sector employees in FLSA actions for unpaid overtime,and defending unions in class actions challenging their performance in collective bargaining and their negotiation of agency shop agreements.


Mr. Feinberg also specializes in conducting workplace investigations relating to employee misconduct, including harassment, and embezzlement and misappropriations. 


In addition, Mr. Feinberg has trained and mentored several generations of attorneys who have come through SSDS, in representing workers in matters relating to wage and hour claims, discipline, performance, layoff, salary, discrimination, accommodation, privacy, and other contractual or statutory rights. During his four decades of advocating on behalf of workers and unions, he has frequently delivered public lectures on labor and employment law-related topics.


Mr. Feinberg is a member of the Labor and Employment Law Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the National Lawyers Guild and the American Bar Association

  • Loyola Law School of Los Angeles

  • AFL-CIO Union Lawyers Association

  • National Lawyers Guild

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Education & Professional Associations

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